Moving Day!

Tomorrow is Moving day! We sold our house in Edison and are moving to Piscataway for a year or so as we look for a permanent home.

All the packing and work involved has me exhausted… its especially hard with exams and school work to keep up with! 🙁 Packing like the worst chore ever ( at least for me) because you have to unpack everything too!

So far when ever we have moved, we have moved to a different country … so it’s weird moving and staying so close at the same time. Being closer to college will definitely make things easier.

I am definitely going to miss this house though… as its full of memories (not all of them good).

Top good memories from this house:
1. High school graduation!
2. Starting College.
3. Family memories (and get-togethers).
3. Going to a law program in D.C.

Not so good memories:
1. Fire.
2. Dad’s heart attack.
3. Car accident.

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