Three Down, Three Different Winners

Mitt Romney was the projected winner with like just six percent of the votes reporting for the republicans and of course for the democrats, Hillary Clinton is the projected winner considering she is only competing against Kucinich and the “uncommitted” (Edwards and Obama took their names off the ballot in Michigan and Florida because of these states choice to move up the primaries).The votes in the category “uncommitted” are of course between Edwards and Obama. In the republican race, in all of the primaries and caucus so far there have been three different winners. It just goes to show you this election is not going to be a cake-walk. If Edwards and Obama were still on the ballot as democratic candidates in Michigan, there is no way she would have have with such a high percentage. All day in the newswe heard what a low turnout there was for democratic votes in Michigan.

Now, on to tonight’s democratic debate in Nevada.

Kucinich lost a last minute battle right before the MSNBC democratic debate tonight. The Michigan Supreme Court apparently ruled that NBC can block out Kucinich from participating in the televised debate in Nevada after his poor performances in the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary. This came a day after the lower-court ordered NBC on Monday to include Kucinich in the debate, only for the Michigan Supreme court to overturn it right before the debate. That has got to be the oddest thing I have heard. The whole point of a debate is so people can hear everyone’s points of view and to revoke a candidate’s right to do that and block him out is just ludicrous.

Aside from that, the debate was okay. Clinton and Obama called a truce earlier today, so there wasn’t any heated moments in the debate. Edwards had to address the issue of competing against the first viable African American and the first viable women, and he handled the question very well. I liked the idea of each candidate asking a question to one of the other candidates, even though the questions were not too great.

P.S. Happy Birthday Ayaz! 🙂

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