May 22nd, 2008

Earlier this afternoon we went to the Frogner Park, which is called the “Vigeland Parken” I believe. There, we saw some pretty cool sculptures : one was of different age groups or generations around in a circle; the first one was one of babies and toddlers, and as you went around the circle of sculptures, there were others of children, adults, seniors, etc.; another one was what I had originally thought represented the circle of life, after I looked it up I realized it was quite similar to what I thought anyways: it is called the “Wheel of Life“. The wheel depicts four people and a baby floating in harmony. It is a symbol of eternity, and implies the overall theme of the park: man’s journey from the cradle to the grave. And yet another one of an “angry child” (in Norwegian, i believe it is called “Sinnataggen”). I’m not sure what the significance is behind this sculpture, but apparently it has been stolen twice and is the most popular sculpture at this particular park.

Afterwards, we went on a drive around downtown, and saw a few neat places. Near the end, my uncle took us to see where my aunt teaches. While my brother and I waited in the car by ourselves, the car started moving on its own! … and it was a stickshift… but anyhow, my brother jumped into the drivers seat and put on the break…but just in time (thank god) my uncle and aunt came back out. Otherwise, god knows what could have happened. Whew!

Later in the evening, my cousins, my brother and I went to see the skiing area here. It was really beautiful – and pretty neat to see. I believe the place is called “Holmenkollen”. I think we are planning on going to go see the Olympics area later in our trip. Below is a picture from the top area near the skiing area, overlooking the mountains and the surrounding area. It looks like a picture right off of a postcard; scenic and beautiful!

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