Iowa Caucus

I’ve been down with a fever and such since we got home from Canada which has been a bummer, but on the bright side the election season is finally in full gear with last night being the first caucus in Iowa for the 2008 Presidential Election.

Barack Obama won the caucus in Iowa in the democrats (yay), while Huckabee won on the republican side. Edwards and Clinton both were pretty close in second place. We’ll see what happens in New Hampshire next week and further down the road after that. I am rooting for Obama all the way!

Caucuses seem pretty cool… it would be pretty neat to see one in real life. It would definitely be a really interesting experience.

At this point I would say come November, I predict that it will be a race between Obama vs. Huckabee for the Presidential Election. Generally though, I would probably say when it comes down to it I would consider myself ABHC (anyone but Hillary Clinton).

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