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The Clintons and Obama have been childishly bickering again and it is really starting to affect their image. The last thing we need right now is for them to lose the race for the democrats because of their fights. At least they are finally arguing somewhat about important issues! It almost seemed as if Edwards was not even present at the debate last night.

With race being such a heated issue, I found an interesting article on CNN Political Ticker in which Clarence B. Jones (the personal lawyer, draft speechwriter and confidant to the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr) said he is sick and tired of presidential candidates trying desperately to link themselves to the legacy of the civil rights leader and that he doesn’t “understand this preoccupation with ‘Martin King did this, Martin King did that”. Jones accused candidates on both sides of the political spectrum of trying “to expropriate Martin’s legitimacy for their own purposes.”

Also, Obama told an interviewer recently that he felt as though he were running against both Bill and Hillary Clinton, which many people would undoubtedly agree with. Bill has not exactly been very helpful for Hillary’s campaign though so I am not complaining.

Sadly I missed the debate last night and I have been hearing over and over again how great it was. My favorite part was when Obama was asked about whether he truly would be considered the first “black” president considering many people give that frame of reference to Bill Clinton. Jokingly, Obama answered that he would need to “investigate more Bill’s dancing abilities, you know, some of this other stuff before I accurately judged whether he was in fact a ‘brother’”.

According to CNN, Monday night’s “CNN/Congressional Black Caucus Institute Debate” was the most watched primary-season faceoff in cable news history, according to early Nielsen data. Nearly five million viewers tuned in which just goes to show you how much public interest there is in this historic 2008 election, especially because of how close the race is in both parties.

And what’s with this so called meeting between Hillary Clinton and Edwards that I have been hearing and reading about all day??

In other news, republican Fred Thompson announced today that he is dropping out of the race today.

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