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Internship Opportunity

I have an opportunity to intern at the Nixon Presidential Library in California this summer (June to August)! How neat would that be?? I don’t have all the details yet, but my goodness.. what an experience that would be.

Internship Ends

So yesterday was my last day at my internship at “Manhattan Legal Services” and I can’t believe how fast it flew by. Of course just as I was finally beginning to enjoy it a bit, it was ending. Doesn’t it always seem to work that way?

I guess that means my three weeks of summer vacation starts today… and basically all I want to do is NOTHING. As soon as classes starts, I know I am not going to have any free time so it’s best to take advantage of that now.

Where has this summer gone?


Go figure… just when my internship is about to end, I actually start enjoying it. In the last week I have finally got to experience going to court twice … and I’m going again on Tuesday.

It’s Only Been Two Days??

So today was my second day at my internship … and I’m drained. I don’t understand for the life of me how people daily go to Manhattan for work. I’ve only done this for two days so far and I’m totally exhausted. To think that my dad does this day in and day out and has done so for so many years is mind boggling. Thank God I’m only doing this for two months because I know I would not be able to handle it.

I guess it didn’t help that I was still jet-lag and sleep deprived from my trip to Norway by the time I starting my internship.

On a another note, it’s amazing to see the amount of people entering Manhattan in the morning as you are at the train station. It’s amazing – it’s like a sea of people flowing in one direction.

Hopefully I’ll have more positive things to say about this experience in the coming days (or weeks). But it consuming over twelve hours of my day is not helping at all.

Home Sweet Home

And We’re Back.

After a pretty long day, we are finally back home. At this point, I am exhausted and want to sleep for the rest of the day, but I’m going to try and avoid that in an effort to get back to our timings here.

Once again, a special thanks to our family in Norway who made our first trip to Europe very memorable. We had an amazing time.

Monday, bright and early, I have my orientation for my internship… which will take over the rest of my summer.

And So it Begins

So today is officially my first day of summer vacation (considering I had work yesterday)..and waking up around 10 today felt AMAZING! I haven’t had a chance to sleep in forever. So far, it has been okay just being lazy for the day (it’s only about 3 P.M.)… but I am definitely not used to not having anything to do since during the semester I never get a second to myself.

At the same time, fortunately my summer will be pretty packed. Thankfully I just confirmed my internship for the summer and my orientation is on June 2nd, which is right after I come back from Norway … so I won’t have much time to waste. I am sure this experience will be great and I will learn a lot from it. I am definitely looking forward to the experience. It’s at a law firm, and what is great is that what I will be doing deals directly with my psychology field as well. I’ll be interning in Manhattan, so I hope I don’t get tired of going there so often — especially with the trains always delayed and what not. 🙂 But, whatever, the experience will (hopefully) be worth it.

Besides the internship and Norway, I have a couple of family weddings to look forward to (one involving a week long trip to Canada – which is always fun). I absolutely hate coming back from Canada (even though I went four times last year!).

Five days and counting until I leave for Norway!