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Another Side of Obama

Here’s an Excerpt from an article I read just now about what Barack Obama said at a fundraiser: Obama told the group – which included many Indian and Pakistani immigrants – that he is not only familiar with their cultures – but also proud of his lifelong association with them.“Not only do I think I’m …

Clinton Endorses Obama

Today, I guess we can finally say that the democratic primary season for the 2008 election is officially over because Hillary Clinton FINALLY formally “suspended” her campaign and endorsed Obama. While the look on her face obviously showed her disappointment, her endorsement will definitely help Obama.

History in the Making

When it seemed that this day would never come, today was the day of the last two primaries (in Montana and South Dakota). Sixteen months after announcing his bid for candidacy, Obama crossed the delegate mark to clinch the nomination and become the first African American nominee for president. On a smaller note, Clinton won …

Another Win For Obama

The final results for the February 19th primaries and caucus were: Democrats: Hawaii: Obama (with 79%) Wisconsin: Obama (with 58%) Republicans: Washington: McCain (with 49%) Wisconsin: McCain (with 55%) With the Hawaii win, Obama is now up to a 10 state winning streak.