Flu [Shot]

Two years ago I was convinced to get the flu shot for the first time ever because I had been feeling unwell. Guess who got the flu, shortly thereafter, for the first ever in my life that year?

Last year? I didn’t get the flu shot or the flu.
While there are a bunch of “recommended” and whatnot shots that are “suggested” before going for hajj, the only required one is the flu shot. So I got it.
Guess who got the flu? 
Possibly twice. [Considering I had much more than just the “hajji” cough when I got back from hajj end of October and they all point towards the flu.]
No, I am not saying that the flu shot causes the flu.
All I am saying is: I have better luck without the flu shot. And if I am going to get the flu anyways, why bother getting said shot?
I think I’ll take my chances.

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