A friend of mine who I went to school with, posted a picture of her niece in the costume below on Instagram with the following caption: ‘so I asked my niece what she is going to be for Halloween and she comes out wearing this. I asked her what it was and she said “Bando-girl. She is a superhero against bullying.” My heart filled with so much love. We need people like my niece and Bando-girl. #inspirational’

We do indeed.

I wasn’t sure if this character was real or made up. After I talked to my friend, she told me that her niece had not only invented this character, but what it stood for.

I’ve never met this little girl, but she brought a huge smile to my face and melted my heart.

I don’t know whether to be touched that a girl so young has such a huge heart and wants to fight bullying and bullies. Or to be saddened that a girl so young has already realized how much evil there is in the world.

The optimist in me sides with the first one. That this amazing young girl wants to do her part and make the world a better place.

In this day and age, there aren’t even many adults who have her kindred spirit. So when I see something like this: a child standing up for what is right, it makes me wish we lived in a naive and angelic bubble free of evil.

Who am I kidding, right? But don’t the children of this day and age deserve that much and more?

All I know is, we need more people like this girl in this world who stand up for what is right.

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