Over the course of the last few months, my fear of needles and getting my blood drawn has lessened significantly (because let’s face it… after the amount of times I’ve had it drawn, I really should be over it by now). Sometimes, I don’t even feel it pinch when they draw the blood — woohoo! I still look the other way though while it’s being drawn — baby steps!

Another positive thing (glass is half full, remember?) about all this blood being drawn is that I feel like I can finally donate blood! I’ve always wanted to, but my fear of it also kept me back. I told my brother a few months back that I wanted to do so and to hold me accountable to it… but of course just when I was ready to do so, I came down with a cold (and you can’t donate blood while you are sick).

What I don’t appreciate is being left with a bruise/bump/I don’t know what it is after having blood drawn, but it’s sure annoying and a gross reminder on my arm. It happened once back in September too. That time, however, it was just grossly bruised and greenish. Of course, it happened yesterday too. This time, however, it’s red and even more gross and bumpy (but not as huge). I contemplated putting up a picture of both of them, but I don’t know if I want to see it on my blog! It took weeks for the first bruise to clear up, so hopefully that doesn’t happen this time!

I wonder if it’s just a case of the nurse not drawing the blood right or if it just happens sometimes or what… because they do this day in and day out. I know some people are prone to bruising easily, but I feel like if that was the case, it would happen to some extent most (if not all) the time.

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