Halal KFC in NYC

If there’s one thing we are always looking for, it’s new local places that serve halal food that serve great food. While our local area has a variety of food available, a good fried chicken joint is what our area is missing. I grew up in Canada, so we  all miss the Popeyes’ that are mostly all halal there.

A few months ago, though, we found out that there were two KFC joints in NYC that began to serve halal food. No, not Kennedy Fried Chicken, it’s the real deal – Kentucky Fried Chicken.

I tried it once at my cousins’ house a few months ago, but by the time they brought it back – it was cold. It’s kind of far from our area, but I knew I wanted to go try it when we were in that area.

Last weekend after visiting family, my family and I finally went and tried the food and it was delicious! We got a bucket of the ‘extra crispy chicken’, but also ordered a piece of the grilled chicken – and it tasted phenomenal. The grilled chicken’s seasoning was marinated quite well and every bite had a great taste. The portions of the sides were great too.

But, FYI for all the locals – as of now, only the chicken pieces are halal and nothing else (that means no sandwiches, tenders, popcorn chicken, etc.) and neither is the gravy for the mashed potatoes. All three styles of the chicken pieces, though, are halal – classic, extra crispy, and grilled styles of chicken.

I would definitely recommend it!

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