Goodbye, Rutgers

I am a college graduate and it feels absolutely AMAZING, yet odd!

My graduation ceremony was earlier this afternoon. The funny thing is my older brother, Faraz, graduates on the 27th, so I am the first one of the cousins from my dad’s side to graduate!

I’d like to especially thank my family for putting up with everything they have these past four years with my nervousness/agony/stress/freaking out EVERY SINGLE SEMESTER – especially during the exam periods where I would feel stressed. I feel like describing it as being stressed out/freaking out don’t even do it justice – but i’m sure my brothers will have a better way to describe it! While it seemed like EVERY SINGLE SEMESTER started off with some sort of annoyance or issues (from registration to everything else possible), and things only stressed me out even more as the semester progressed, my family was always there to calm me down as best as they could – and find the humor in it. And thanks Ayaz, for driving me to class all the time 🙂
It hasn’t been the easiest few years, and the road to getting here has not been easy, by any means. But looking back, I can say – it has all been worth it. Rutgers has challenged me in ways I could not have even imagined, but with every accomplishment came a sense of victory. While each individual semester has seemed to drag on and has challenged me tremendously, I feel quite blessed to have received a pretty decent education from Rutgers. The stress, nervousness, and the many challenges that each semester has brought on, has without a doubt made me a stronger person.

and now, I can finally say … i’m finally DONE (undergraduate, at least)!

As another chapter in my life closes, i’m excited to see what the next one brings for me and the challenges that come with it.

Thank you EVERYONE for your continuing support and encouragement.

Goodbye, Rutgers. Thank for a great (challenging, frustrating, stressful, etc.) four years!


  1. Congratulation Summaiyah on your achievement. We wish you all the best in future. <br /><br />Abbu &amp; Ammi

  2. Good Luck in the future, and you still haven&#39;t answered my question!! What did you study at Rutgers? Law?

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