The Wait is About to be Over.. Finally!

We will finally know tomorrow morning who Obama has chosen for his V.P. … and it’s about time – considering he has been scheduled to rally with his V.P tomorrow for at least the last few weeks!

Over the last few hours it’s been confirmed that it is not Evan Baye, Tim Kane, and just a few minutes ago that it is not Hillary Clinton. Not only has Joe Biden not said anything in the last 24 or so hours, but his daughter, son and wife have apparently just arrived where he currently resides.. gee.. I wonder what that is hinting at. I mean unless Obama totally goes out of the loop and surprises us, I am now pretty sure his V.P. choice is Joe Biden. Which is weird because from the sound of it in the last few days, it sounded like it wasn’t going to be Biden after all.

I guess we’ll know in the morning for sure who it is. Finally.. the wait is about to be over!

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