McCain Chooses V.P.

In an attempt to go after women voters and going on and on about the fact that Obama did not choose Hillary Clinton.. McCain apparently has chosen Sarah Palin – a Governor from Alaska (yeah, I know pretty much nothing about her either). All the major channel news reports are reporting that McCain will use this to advantage and bring home the point that Obama did not choose a women.. and I did – look what that says about me.

McCain will officially reveal/introduce his V.P. pick at a rally later this afternoon (12 noon ET).

And how about the fact that the republicans are considering pushing back the convention? Talk about a convenient excuse.

More to follow after he officially reveals his V.P. candidate…

Edit at 10:44 A.M.: CNN confirms McCain picks Palin as his running mate.
Major news reporters are reporting that just one day after Obama makes history of being the first African American candidate, Palin makes history of being the first Alaskan to be on the candidate… hm, one seems more important. 🙂 Palin is NOT the first women to appear on a major ticket since in 1984 Democratic presidential nominee Walter Mondale chose then-U.S. Rep. Geraldine Ferraro as the Democratic V.P. nominee. I don’t think McCain got the memo that choosing just any women would do the job, especially a woman he has only met once!

Either way, it’s history in the making. Come this November, we will have either our first African American President or first female Vice President.

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