Archive | December 2007

Past few days

On Friday night, my aunt and her family from Canada come over and so it has been a busy and fun-filled week since. It is always a lot of fun getting together with a lot of family. Pretty much everyday all week we have all gotten together somewhere or another.

I even tried sushi for the first time Saturday afternoon. It was most definitely the first, but also the LAST time I try sushi. It must one of those things that require an acquired taste.

Then, Saturday evening, a few of us cousins and two of our aunts went to go see “I Am Legend”. Overall, the movie was decent and enjoyable. The consensus was that it seemed to be a very slow movie until near the end and then totally became fast paced.

Later, all of my dad’s siblings and their family that resides nearby came over for the rest of the night which was of course a lot of fun.

The Beginning

So, I’ve ventured into the world of blogging. Let’s see where this takes me and how long I actually last blogging about everything. I figured this will be a good way for me to look back on and see what was happening in my life at a given point. Therefore, a lot of my blogging will be just venting, and talking about things in my life.

I’ve just finished my third semester at Rutgers University and my last exam was actually yesterday morning. I wasn’t too happy about that since we celebrated Eid-ul-Adha yesterday as well and it pretty much just sucks to have to take an exam on a holiday. By the time I got out, I had absolutely no energy…which of course is no fun on a holiday! Anyhow, I am just glad that it is now over. I am finally free after a very stressful semester until January 22nd! Woo-hoo! 🙂

Eid-ul-Adha was just decent this year, not as special as it usually feels. To be honest, it did not even feel like Eid this year. Probably because everyone was celebrating on different days and all of us college students had exams all week. Everyone just seemed pretty tired (and I am sure they were).

I really wanna go to Canada this winter break, but we will see what happens. Those plans are not looking too good as of now. Tomorrow, my dad’s sister and her family are coming from Canada for a few days of their winter vacation so I am definitely looking forward to that.

P.S. Happy 3rd Birthday Ibrahim!