Why Do We Fall?

As a nation, we failed. And we failed our children the most. They are the ones to suffer the most. They will see the aftermath the most and be effected the most. No, we didn't fail because we failed to elect Hillary Clinton. In fact, it was never about Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump the … Continue reading

Why I’m With Her

Not feasible, but by the off chance someone isn't aware that Tuesday is election day-- don't forget to vote. As FDR said: "Nobody will ever deprive the American people of the right to vote except the American people themselves". It doesn't matter what excuse you are thinking of, exercise your … Continue reading

Presidential Debates

With today being the start of the presidential debates for this election cycle, their validity and importance has been discussed recently.I have heard, today in particular, that it's nothing but a show of who can best present their prepared lines. [Aside: although I have to admit, that the Onion's … Continue reading