Down Under

Down under.

Never in a million years did I imagine that I would be living in Australia. I guess I could have been a little more specific when I repeatedly said I wanted to see kangaroos… I should have specified that in a zoo would have been just fine. 😉

But alhumdulillah. He is the best of planners indeed.

I am pretty sure there are more types of creepy crawling creatures here than people… and they are well aware that I am a wimp. They are everywhere, and I mean everywhere.

I’ve been here only for about two weeks now, so I’m still slowly adjusting to everything.

It’s incredibly [and grossly] hot here [it’s their summer currently] and the time difference is whoa. 16 hours ahead of New Jersey. You drive on the opposite side [of the road and car] and you walk on the opposite side [left side as opposed to staying to your right on a sidewalk, stairs, escalator, etc.]. Pizza is a disappointment– I asked for a cheese pizza and I got just that: bread with cheese on top it. Where is my sauce??! If you know anything about me… I pick off the cheese and and like extra sauce on my pizza! 🙁

More updates soon.

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